Madeline Island Public Library

Children in the Library

Children are encouraged to use the library. Children under the age of seven years should be accompanied by an adult. 

Circulation Policy

Books, books on tape/cd and music cds can be checked out for a 3 week period. Magazines, VHS tapes and DVDs can be checked out for a 1 week period. 

Internet Access

There is internet access available for patrons 24 hours a day. There are several computers for adults and children in the library and patrons can use the wireless connection with their own laptops and hand held computers. Children under the age of 18 years need to have parents sign a permission slip before using the library computers.

Meeting Room Policies and Procedures

The room is available to individuals or organized groups in the service area. Exceptions may be made by the Library Board if the board deems extenuating circumstances are involved.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group's policies or beliefs by the library staff or board.

It is understood that the library programming will have first priority in room use.

There will be no charge for the use of the meeting room. A $5.00/hour fee for maintenance and utilities may be charged at the discretion of the director.

No admission may be charged by the group.

Refreshments may be served and shall be provided by the group. No smoking allowed. No alcoholic beverage may be served.

People using the room shall leave it in a neat, clean and orderly condition; if not, the individual or group will be given notice that continued offenses will result in denied access to the meeting room.

The library is not responsible for any equipment, supplies, materials, clothing or other items brought to the library by any group or individual attending a meeting or event.

The library board and staff do not assume any liability for groups or individuals attending a meeting or event at the library.

Users will be asked to sign a Meeting Room Agreement.

Nook and Kindle Policy

Madeline Island Public Library
Nook and Kindle Policy and Agreement

1. Nook and Kindle checkout is limited to Madeline Island Public Library patrons only and will not be available through Interlibrary Loan. On site circulation only. Only a patron 18-years of age or older is allowed to checkout the Nook or Kindle.
2. Only patrons with current and up-to-date library cards are allowed to checkout the Nook or Kindle. A second form of photo-identification may be required for checkout to verify patron information. Library staff will update record information for each patron requesting the Nook or Kindle.
3. Nook and Kindle checkout is limited to two-weeks (14 days), with a one-time renewal of an additional two-weeks (14 days), provided there is not a hold on the Nook or Kindle. Failure to return the Nook or Kindle on time could result in temporary loss of library privileges
4. Nooks  and Kindles will not be checked out to patrons owing money for lost, missing, or damaged equipment or other materials. Staff retains the right to decide whether to checkout the Nook or Kindle to patrons based on fines and previous materials history.
5. Patrons are financially responsible for all equipment and pieces thereof that are checked out. When patrons sign for equipment they acknowledge that it is fully functioning, undamaged, and that all the parts are included. Patrons are required to thoroughly inspect and test each piece of equipment and point out any problems to library staff at the time of checkout. If a patron does not inspect equipment at time of checkout they are responsible for all missing or damaged parts upon return.
6. No food or drinks are to be consumed around the Nook or Kindle.
7. Do not leave Nook or Kindle unattended at any time. Nook and Kindle must be safeguarded at all times.
8. Patrons are expected to return Nook or Kindle directly to a Library staff member at the Circulation Desk in the same condition in which it was received. Staff will inspect Nook or Kindle carefully and call to your attention any suspected damage or missing parts. You must be present when equipment is checked in. Be certain that staff acknowledge the return of equipment by initialing the Nook or Kindle.
10. In the event of damage library staff will determine if damage is the result of normal wear and tear. Do not attempt repairs, adjustments or alterations of any kind.
11. It is the responsibility of the patron to bring to the attention of staff any loss or possible damage to equipment that happens during the time it is checked out.
12. Only the library will make purchases of replacement equipment or parts.
13. If Nook or Kindle is lost or damaged beyond repair patron will be responsible for replacement fees.
14.  The Madeline Island Public Library Nook and Kindle will come pre-loaded with selected content.  Staff will periodically update the content on the Nook and the Madeline Island Public Library welcomes suggestions for additions. Patrons are not to order content for the Nook or Kindle; if they do so patrons will incur costs for the materials and an additional $5 fine, the material may be deleted by staff.
Nook and Kindle Agreement
My signature below indicates that I have read the Nook and Kindle Policy and Agreement and that I agree to abide by these conditions of use when checking out the Nook or Kindle from the Madeline Island Public Library.
·       I will not tamper with the Nook or Kindle, accessories, and digital books, attempt to load digital books, or attach any equipment not designed for use with the Nook or Kindle.
·       I accept full financial liability for the Nook and Kindle and accessories, while in my possession.
·       I agree to return the Nook or Kindle to a staff person at the Circulation Desk for check-in.
·       I agree to pay all costs associated with damage to, loss of, or theft of the Nook or Kindle and accessories ($200) while it is checked out to me.
·       I agree the Madeline Island Public Library may use any appropriate means to collect the amount owed for fees, damages, loss or theft
·       I agree that failure to comply with any of these rules and guidelines will result in the loss of the privilege of borrowing a Nook or Kindle.



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