Madeline Island Public Library

Library Strategic Plan

April 11, 2011
Approved by the Library Board

Madeline Island Public Library
Strategic Planning 2011-2016

The Madeline Island Public Library is located in the Town of La Pointe on Madeline Island. The library is housed in a school that was built in 1872. The building itself has been moved several times since it was built. It was originally the Bay View School. In 1953, a new school was built and the building was used as a community center for several years. Then, in 1960, the Gary family purchased the building and established the Madeline Island Public Library. An addition
to the back of the building was done in 2003. Our collection holds over 10,000 books and a variety of other materials available for check out by patrons.
Early in 2010, the Madeline Island Public Library (MIPL) began planning for its 50th Anniversary Celebration. As we looked back at all that had been accomplished, we desired to continue the work that was done and be intentional in setting our sights on the next 50 years, especially in light of the new developments in technology and availability of grants and funding. Our aim is to present a plan that will move us forward and provide the basis for developing
collections, programming and up-to-date technology.
In March 2010, the MIPL Director and Library Board initiated a process to develop a new 5-year strategic plan, through a collaborative effort. Members of the Strategic Planning Committee included the director, librarian, library board members and community members; both year-round and seasonal residents.(see Appendix 1 for list of Committee Members) Our facilitator was Tom Wojciechowski, Ed. D., from the UW-Extension office in Ashland, WI. He brought to us much experience and expertise in strategic planning, and we greatly appreciated his time, effort and guidance during this process. We met seven times, March - November 2010, finalized the plans via email and conference calls, and accomplished the following:
  • Gathered and analyzed information, including a Community Survey
  • Reviewed and revised the MIPL Mission Statement
  • Reviewed and revised the MIPL Vision Statement
  • Analyzed MIPL strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges
  • Identified and prioritized critical issues
  • Developed goals, objectives and action plans for each strategic issue
The resulting strategic plan affirms the MIPL mission and establishes direction for the future. Through this effort, we are confident that this plan will be successful in the comming years.